Conversational AI Platform

Creat the value of conversation. Marketing, sales, service and operation can be done at one time.

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Omnichannel message management in one platform

Integtate Facebook Messenger, LINE Official Account, VoIP and Telegram etc. in Opentalk. Easy to manage all of your channels.

Make interaction more intelligent

OpenTalk makes chatbot smarter through artificial intelligence technology with natural language understanding (NLU); it can accurately understand what your customers say, reduce the service cost, and enhance the service quality.

Make interaction more valuable

There are many potential business opportunities in conversational interactions. You can increase engagement rate to get closer to the customer, and extract the valuable data from the conversation to increase your conversion rate.

Automatic user segmenting


User segmenting and respective broadcast


Multi-dimension conversation analysis

Let interaction create business opportunities

From social traffic driving, sales tracking to after-sale service, OpenTalk completely records the customer journey, and automates marketing through chatbot to create more business opportunities.

OpenTalk CRM


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Coversational RFM model

Make Interactions More Impressive

Combine hyper-realistic virtual humans to bring text and voice to life on the screen. Dynamic visual displays can enhance brand image and add a sense of realism and potential for development to interactions, opening up a whole new digital journey!

Brand Image


Natural Emotional Connection


Multi-channel Integration of Hardware and Software

Solutions for every industry


Medical Industry

Having had enough of non-stop phone appointments? Want to increase the consultation attendance rate? Want to remind your patients of a return appointment? OpenTalk intergrates processes from appointment making to post-consultation care; your patients can easily make or cancel appointments and inquire about their numbers through LINE Official Account, while clinics can intergrate HIS with members of LINE Official Account to automate appointment reminders and postoperative care, reducing the service cost and the number of patients increases.

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