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Own Your Dedicated Corporate AI

With just your corporate website or existing textual data, you can leverage our range of renowned large language models to build a corporate AI with specific domain knowledge, making chatbots smarter!

Small Scale, Just Enough

Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut! Choose a language model that fits your needs and scale, adopting the latest generative AI technology can also be cost-effective, creating a tailor-made corporate AI!

Down-to-Earth Corporate ChatGPT

Language models trained with Traditional Chinese corpora can enhance the chatbot's vocabulary and expressions, making conversations more relatable to Taiwan.

Innovative and Eye-Catching AI Customer Service

Find text-only boring? We combine virtual personas and voice to bring generative AI to life, creating possibilities for marketing and customer service through the establishment of brand image IPs.

Internal and External, One No-Code Service Does It All

Whether it's for external marketing, customer service, and CRM, or internal corporate management applications, our service covers all scenarios with one system solving all issues!

Data Not on the Cloud, Control for Peace of Mind

Our services can be used without uploading data to the cloud, allowing you to manage data yourself, ensuring corporate internal secrets no longer need to worry about being leaked.

Corporate AI Application Scenarios

Customer Service

Integrating services into the official website and various social media channels, coupled with our CRM system, not only provides multiple points of contact but also ensures that customers can receive timely and effective support anytime, anywhere.

Trusted by Companies

Why APMIC is the Best Choice

Top-Tier Hardware NVIDIA GPUs

Utilizing NVIDIA GPUs and being a collaborative partner with both Google and NVIDIA ensures unparalleled service quality.

Locally Rooted Team with Years of Specialization

Our team has over ten years of experience in developing machine learning systems, with products reaching over 400,000 users, tailored to meet the demands of Taiwanese enterprises and providing the most immediate maintenance.

Guaranteed Information Security

In addition to offering on-premises deployment, we have obtained numerous cybersecurity certifications. Our models can autonomously verify the authenticity of their responses, preventing the leakage of internal corporate secrets and private information.

Diverse Customization

Beyond choosing from various renowned large language models and cloud or on-premises deployment, we also offer custom language model development services, training with your data volume and preferred model types directly!

Comprehensive Application Scenarios

When generative AI is combined with CRM for marketing and customer service systems, VoIP, and virtual characters with visual and voice systems, you will possess an all-capable corporate AI.

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